Top 5 Best Gmail Backup Tool in 2023 – Free Download

In today’s Viskytech post, we discuss the list of “Top 5 Best Gmail Backup Tool” in 2023. Using these wizards, users can save all their Gmail content to the PC. This article offers several different ways to backup your Gmail. You can download any of the software for free and give it a try.

There are millions of Gmail email clients worldwide and countless computer users take advantage of Gmail as a repository for their digital lives. But, at some point in your work, you will feel the need for a Gmail backup due to accidental deletions, viruses, and lack of memory allocated by Google.

Some emails contain sensitive information related to business deals, legal information or any personal information. If you want to switch to another email service provider such as Outlook, Yahoo, etc. then you may wish to make a backup.

Therefore, without wasting any more time, let us discuss the secure methods that you can use to store or save Gmail email with hard drives, flash drives or other external drives.

List of Top 5 Best Gmail Backup Tool for Windows

1. Advik Gmail Backup Tool

best gmail backup tool

Advik Gmail Backup Tool is the best solution to back up all Google data. With the help of this tool, users can easily download all Gmail’s mailbox data to their computer hard drive. In addition, the user can select the folders in the archive, and the software can download those folders in the desired format.

2. Mail Backup Tool

best gmail backup tool

Mail Backup Tool is an advance email archive solution for Windows to backup emails from 90+ email service providers. The software is a gem for users who are looking for a secure email conversion and email migration solution. On the other hand, the software will also maintain the mailbox folder hierarchy.

3. Systools Gmail Backup Tool

gmail backup tool

Systools Gmail Backup is an all-in-one tool that provides the facility to download Google contacts in the standard VCF 2.1 version format. The software is equipped with dynamic features and delete after download is one of them. The user can save both money and time by choosing our software.

4. Yota Gmail Backup Software

Yota software has the ability to backup Gmail account in a hassle-free manner. With this wizard, users can backup Gmail data in multiple file saving formats. Along with various beneficial features of this software, it also facilitates Gmail email backup to external hard drives.

5. RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool

best gmail backup tool

The utility is designed with several advanced sets of options to backup Gmail emails. It provides a simple and easy user interface to download Google mail data in HTML with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the tool does not save credentials in its database.

Final Words

Gmail or Google Drive is a part of day-to-day life. So the need for a Gmail backup tool may arise. No matter how big your business is, you need a proper backup solution that covers all your data. Subsequently, at this writing, we provided the top 5 best Gmail backup tools according to our experience. I hope you can get excellent software for your backup.

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