Top 5 Best Gmail Migration Tool for Windows [2023]

Today’s Viskytech guide, we are going to discuss about the “Best Gmail Migration Tool” available in 2022. This article provides several different ways to migrate your Gmail. Using one of the wizards explained below, users can migrate their Gmail mailboxes to any email application they want.

Deciding the right software that will be suitable for your email migration is a difficult decision. When selecting the best Gmail migration tool, the user should validate the specific properties and choose the appropriate software for the migration. Therefore, in this blog, we will tell you about the top 5 best Gmail migration tool for Windows.

Let us discuss among them the best software which proves helpful especially for users having less technical knowledge. In the below section you will know the benefits of these Gmail Migration Tools.

List of Top 5 Best Gmail Migration Tool for Windows

1. Advik Gmail Migration Tool

best gmail migration tool

The best software on the list is Advik Gmail Migration Tool. This software is embedded with many useful features. The user can transfer entire email mailboxes from Gmail to almost all types of webmail accounts. In addition, user can access unlimited number of emails as well as email folder.

Key Features

  • Advanced Email Filter option for selective migration.
  • Migrate unlimited Gmail accounts and mailboxes.
  • Export batch Gmail email to hard drive.
  • No manual configuration is required.
  • Preserve key elements and metadata.

2. Email Migration Tool

This wizard is an advanced tool that allows users to easily migrate email from one web based email service to another. With this wizard, users can migrate complete messages from each and every mailbox folder. In addition, anyone with basic computer skills can easily use this tool.

3. RecoveryTools Gmail Migrator

This software does not require any additional professional skills to access the application. It provides a simple and intuitive interface that is easy for any user. In addition, it enables users to download emails from multiple Gmail accounts to local PCs in a single processing.

4. Bitrecover Gmail Migration Wizard

This tool provides an option to migrate data from multiple accounts simultaneously. It preserves all types of email attachments during the migration process in selected file formats. Apart from this, it also facilitates Gmail email migration to external hard drive.

5. Turgs Gmail Migration

This wizard is Smartly developed & designed to migrate Complete Gmail account data to hard drive offline various file formats. It maintains and preserves all the features of a single Gmail account and maintains the originality of Gmail data.

Final Words

The above write-up explained “Top 5 Best Gmail Migration Tool” for windows available in 2022. All software’s are well equipped, self-directed, easy to use graphical user interface and can easily migrate Gmail folders. Hopefully, you will be able to understand all the features of the tool properly.

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