Top 7 Best EML to MSG Converter for Windows – 2023

Are you trying to find the solution of the best EML to MSG converter of 2022. If yes, then you reached the right place in search of this conversion. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the best method to convert EML file to MSG and will provide you the list of Top 7 Best EML to MSG Converter for Windows. To learn the uses and benefits of the wizards mentioned below, read the blog till the end.

There are several reasons why users want to convert their EML files to MSG files. One of the main reasons is that MS Outlook provides various advanced features to manage MSG files which are not available in EML file format. In addition, EML files can be easily opened by an email application, while MSG is not variable because it is saved in a hex coded format.

In how to fix these issues, we have come up with this guide. Here, we are going to disclose the most reliable and easiest ways to convert your files from EML to MSG file format in a hassle-free manner.

List of Top 7 Best EML to MSG Converter for Windows;

1. Advik EML to MSG Converter

best eml to msg converter

Advik EML to MSG Converter is the most reliable and trusted solution to perform EML to MSG conversion. This tool will convert any number of added EML files to MSG file format in the shortest time. This software is so powerful that it can export multiple EML files in one stroke. In addition, the software allows to provide 100% accurate results without modifying or losing any information.

2. Systools EML Converter

best eml to msg converter

This converter tool can save all EML and EMLX files to several file formats in a few quick and easy steps. It can automatically scan EML and EMLX files from a computer and load them for preview. In addition, it also facilitates date based filtering.

3. Xtraxtor EML Converter

eml to msg converter

This wizard is an easy to use and handy tool with great functions. The software allows its users to convert single as well as bulk EML files without file size restrictions. In addition, there will be no data loss, data changes and size limit issues associated with the equipment.

4. Zook EML to MSG Converter

The software provides users with a reliable and comfortable solution to easily convert their EML files to Outlook MSG files. This preserves data integrity and email formatting such as color, signature, etc. In addition, it exports EML to MSG format without Outlook in just a few clicks.

5. Bitrecover EML Converter

The device is easy to use and handles the product with great features. It quickly transfers batches of .eml messages or EML folders to the MSG file format. In addition, it is an advance EML file converter that keeps complete information of the EML file during the EML file conversion process.

6. RT EML to MSG Converter

Using this software, a user can convert EML into MSG files without the need for an Outlook installation. After the migration process, all email messages related to a specific folder are located in exactly the same folder in the resulting email client.

7. Wholeclear EML Converter

This software easily and securely converts EML files in bulk to MSG file format. In addition, the tool provides a smart and simplified GUI by which users can easily manage conversions.


We have explained to you the top 7 best EML to MSG converter for windows. The above mentioned wizards are the simplest and best EML to MSG converter through which you can easily convert many EML files to MSG format. These magicians have faster execution, wider functionality, error-free conversion rates and a more seamless overall experience.

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