Top 5 Best EML Repair Tool of 2023

Are your EML files corrupted, and you wish to fix them? Are you looking for the most effective EML repair tool? In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 Best EML repair tool of 2022 on the market.

If you want to recover data from a EML file, you’ll need to use EML repair tools. Are you having trouble deciding which EML repair Tool to use? Don’t worry, simply read the article below and choose your Tool based on features.

What is a corrupted EML file and why did it occur?

The most efficient part of various email program is the EML file. Generally, files become corrupted due to both hardware and software issues.

Device failure, power failure, and broken network equipment are examples of hardware causes. Viruses, malware software, wrong repair, anomalous file termination, and other program issues are among the causes. The EML file will be corrupted as a result of these two factors.

What is the purpose of EML repair tool?

We will not intentionally corrupt any files, and we may not be aware when a file is corrupted or destroyed. That’s why we commonly use EML files to store our information. When the information saved in EML files becomes corrupted, we must use EML repair tool to recover it. The EML Repair tool is a utility that is used to extract information from corrupted or damaged EML files.

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List of Top 5 Best EML Repair Tool of 2022

1. Advik EML Repair Tool

best eml repair tool

EML files that have been corrupted or damaged can be repaired with Advik EML Repair Tool. It uses advanced technologies to restore and repair broken and damaged EML files.


  1. All the characteristics of the EML files are restored.
  2. Interface that is simple to use and understand.
  3. Recover attachments as well as emails.
  4. It is compatible with every version of the Windows operating system.
  5. Maintains Folder hierarchy.
  6. The recovered data from a EML file can be saved in a variety of forms, including MBOX, DOC, MSG, CSV, TXT, PDF, EML, HTML, and so on.
  7. The recoverable EML data items can be viewed using a preview tool.
  8. Instant email recovery from corrupted EML files.

2. Xtraxtor

eml repair tool

Xtraxtor will repair and recover all items from corrupted and damaged EML files in more proficient way. The kXtraxtor is a multifunctional piece of software that can handle a variety of tasks, such as EML to PST conversion. In this section, we’ll look at the characteristics of the Xtraxtor EML repair tool.


1. The EML file is repaired if it is damaged or corrupted.

2. EML files in the ANSI and UNICODE formats can be repaired.

3. EML files, deleted messages, and attachments can all be recovered.

4. Not only can you restore your data, but you can also safely save it in a new file.

5. Files of any size can be fixed (very large files can also be repaired)

6. EML files that are encrypted can be repaired.

7. Saves the recovered EML file to a new location.

3. Bitrecover EML Repair wizard

eml repair wizard

Bitrecover EML Repair Wizard is an EML file repair tool. In this section, we’ll look into the features of the Bitrecover EML repair tool.


1. It can recover any size EML file as well as any number of EML files.

2. Effectively recover EML files and export them to a variety of formats

3. Allow you to restore data from a batch of corrupted or damaged files.

4. There’s no need to install any email cient application; all you’ll need is a EML file.

5. It can recover files from Unicode and ANSI EML files that have been corrupted.

6. The safest and simplest technique to recover EML files that have been corrupted or broken

7. Emails that have been encrypted or deleted by accident can also be recovered.

8. The user-friendly graphical interface is compatible with the most recent editions.

4. Systools EML Recovery Tool

systools eml recovery tool

SysTools EML Recovery Tool is one of the best EML repair software for safely and accurately repairing and recovering corrupted EML files. It will recover all of your data, including emails, calendars, diaries, contacts, and so on.


1. Multiple corrupted EML files will be added and repaired.

2. To restore data items from corrupted EML files, by using the selective export option.

3. It will restore emails and other data that has been irreversibly erased.

4. Saves the EML file in the location you specify.

5. Hierarchy of Folders also maintain

5. Yota EML Repair Tool

eml repair tool

Yota EML Repair Tools is such an amazing application from Yota Tools that will effectively fix corrupted EML files. It takes a few seconds to upload EML file and repair it. As a EML file repair tool, it provides a lot more functions than other repair applications. Let’s have a look at the features of this application.


1. It saves recovered EML files in a variety of formats, including EML , MBOX, MSG, EML, DBX, and others.

2. In comparison to other software, this software has the fastest scanning speed.

3. While repairing EML files, it keeps the folder hierarchy.

4. A glimpse of the data you retrieved from the corrupted EML file is also available.

5. It precisely repairs EML files.


The EML file is a sensitive file that can be corrupted from time to time. Many users are searching the best solutions to restore and recover Corrupt EML files. That’s why, the Top 5 Best EML Repair tool 2022 provides a list of query, “How can I repair corrupt EML files?” The tools mentioned above will assist users in saving time and working more efficiently. The indicated Tools, which is safe and effective to use, can be used to access the corrupted files. You can save your data to the desired location while retaining data integrity with these tools.

Now you can make a comparison between these tools to choose the best one that suits your needs.

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