How to Import OLM to Thunderbird Manually – Step by Step Guide

Today we have a topic to discuss “How to Import OLM to Thunderbird Manually”. And if you’re still figuring out a quick way to migrate OLM files into Thunderbird. Then read well to the end of the post, as a simple and clear approach is explained in the writing.

There may be various reasons for the user to import OLM to Thunderbird. Most of the time, if the user is experiencing a problem while using their OLM files, this is when they prefer to switch to the Thunderbird Mac profile. Furthermore, when files are corrupted and damaged and the user cannot access them, then also prefer to import their OLM data into the Thunderbirds profile.

While there is no direct method available to import OLM to Thunderbird manually. Yet people remain in search of better options and results. Therefore, for users who are looking for a solution to migrate an OLM file into Thunderbird Mac profile. Here is the solution to it in a simple and understandable way.

Simple Way to Import OLM to Thunderbird

The above question can be easily done using Advik OLM to Thunderbird import. It is programmed in such a way that it easily imports OLM to Thunderbird directly. The software can transfer complete emails and attachments to the Mozilla mail client without losing any information. In addition, the device is an effective and powerful application that has the ability to preserve and hold key elements.

Steps to Migrate OLM to Thunderbird Profile are;

Step 1. Run Advik OLM to Thunderbird tool on your system.

import olm to thunderbird

Step 2. Click Add Files to add Mac OLM file into panel.

import olm to thunderbird manually

Step 3. Click convert to start the migration process.

import olm to thunderbird

Why Choose This Software?

  • The software supports the OLM file generated by Outlook for Mac 2019 and Earlier version.
  • It provides a single panel user interface for Novice/non-technical minded users.
  • The software has been successfully tested with the 150 GB Mac Outlook archive.
  • Can export OLM email for Thunderbird application without configuration.
  • The user can migrate OLM files to Thunderbird in a single attempt.


So I hope that this blog has learned about the simple way to import OLM to Thunderbird. The above software is best suited to avoid time-hybridization for this query. In addition, the software is more effective and has faster execution, wider functionality, error-free conversion and a more seamless overall experience.

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