Top 5 Best Email Forensic Tool Software for Windows – 2021

In this blog, we will examine a set of common features comparing and contrasting the top 5 best email forensic tool. Email communication has been designed to make things simple, efficient, and powerful. The composing and communication have been under the focus of malicious intruders over the last few decades. We find it very common that email messages are annoying, malicious, phishing, and sources of transporting spam content. So, by combining analysis tools, it may be possible to gain detailed information in the area of email forensic.

Over the last two decades, several email forensics tools have been developed. Rather, most of the tools have been developed in an isolated manner. Furthermore, most forensic tools are not intended to solve any specific cyber or computer crime-related problem. Rather, they are intended to search for or retrieve information. However, in recent years, many techniques for forensic devices have been developed and improved. Now, many email espionage and forensic email analysis tools are available for research.

The biggest challenge among forensic investigators is the evidence of several custodians. Another challenge is how to search for email evidence items from such wholesale stores. To solve these issues, I am going to provide a list of the top 5 best email forensic software. That will help you perform forensic email investigation efficiently.

Top 5 Best Email Forensic Tool in 2021

1. Xtraxtor

The first software in the list is specifically developed by Xtraxtor to extract e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and messages from multiple file formats. It automatically detects the default location and quickly analyses the email data for you. Users can easily extract email addresses from messages and even from attachment files.

best email forensic tool


  • It restores deleted and unpurged emails from many mailbox formats and IMAP mail accounts.
  • Also, it has an easy-to-learn interface and context-sensitive help to make your job easier.
  • It Saves time with its fast email processing engine and de-duping features.
  • Can read MBOX files from Mac and Linux systems without prior conversion.
  • Provide powerful search features that find relevant information.

2. Advik Email Forensic Wizard

With the help of this software, a user is allowed to customize their search filters depending on the scenarios. It provides users an option to search within emails and attachments. In addition, this forensic email collector also provides an extended support for forensic email analysis of both desktop and web-based email services. It let investigators to handle one or more cases altogether in a proper way. Also, With the help of this forensic email collector, investigators can even view the Chat details, perform call analysis, and view SMS details between different users of Skype application.

best email forensic wizard


  • The key highlight of this software is that it Support search in multiple languages i.e., Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.
  • It is able to recover deleted email data and save the evidence in court acceptable format.
  • Email Forensic analysis of Google Apps, Exchange Server, O365, IMAP, iCloud, Outlook.
  • Provide Complete view of activities during mail examination using Logs Management.
  • Allows to analyse and examine E01, LEF, DMG, Zip Archived file, and DD file data.

3. Systools MailPro+

This software is associated with a plethora of beneficial features such as unbeatable speed, high-performance, user-friendly interface, multiple file formats to export emails. Auto search is one of another helpful feature that saves your time and makes file selection process automated. It is built with Single as well as Bulk Mode to process multiple files at once. The main highlight of the tool is “Recursive Listing of Emails” that offers a collective view of the emails that are in the main folder.

best email forensic tool


  • It allows to export emails into PST, PDF, MSG, HTML, EML, TIFF and CSV file type.
  • It also allows you to Search Emails within Source Email Files in Just a Few Clicks.
  • Search and Extract Emails from Hard Drive or External Storage.
  • Works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and All the Below Versions.
  • Preview Attachments Types such as JPG, GIF, PNG, DOC, PDF.

4. Advik Email Backup Tool

This is one of an amazing application that will export/transfer all the emails from Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts and all other customized folders. Users can easily convert and download email backup of Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Yahoo Mail Pro, Rediffmail Pro, GoDaddy Email, etc. to local hard drive. Also, you can download and convert Email Backup to multiple file formats. The key highlight of this wizard is “Advance Filter Option” which will help you to save your valuable time by quickly exporting all your desired email messages from complete mailbox.

best email forensic tool


  • Users can directly retrieve the email messages from any cloud-based email service provider using the IMAP saving option.
  • It allows Standalone Email Archiving Solutions for all Email Service Provider.
  • Support multiple languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
  • It also Provide CPanel Email Backup without accessing Hosting account.
  • Also allows taking Backup to any Desired Location or External drive.

5. Advik MBOX to PDF Converter

This wizard is one of the most reliable solutions and also a forensic software to print or extract emails to PDF from the MBOX file. No Adobe Acrobat installation or any kind of manual configuration is required. The software is completely standalone and never fails in providing 100% accurate results. The tool also provides a variety of naming convections such as Subjects, From, DD-MM-YY, Auto Incremental, etc. This option will help users to manage the emails in chronological order.

email forensic tool


  • The software provides File Naming Option to save resultant files in an appropriate naming pattern.
  • It saves further associated attachments into PDF files without facing any glitch or error.
  • User can extract PDF files from MBOX in the same folder structure as of the Mailbox file.
  • The working of this utility doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat Reader installation.
  • The tool is really smart in understanding the Metadata of an email file.

Final Words

So, this is the list of top 5 best Email Forensic tool which you might need if you are an e-Discovery agent. The Tools mentioned in the blog are used for several purposes such as email detective, email header forensic tool, email search application, download mailbox archives instantly, etc. Hopefully, the list included in this post will help you choose a suitable tool to fulfil your requirements.

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