Top 5 Best Zoho Mail Backup Tool For Windows – 2021

Today’s Viskytech post is a comparison list of the top 5 best Zoho mail backup tool for Windows. Zoho email client provides a lot of services to users which may also include mailing and contact options. But, the only drawback to using Zoho is that it does not provide any desktop version.

There are many tools available to backup Zoho mail files. The safest is difficult to detect. Therefore, to make this confusion a little easier, we would recommend you to go through this list of the top 5 best Zoho mail backup tool. Because the software described in the list here is easy to use and anyone with basic knowledge of operating the computer can use them.

List of Top 5 Best Zoho Mail Backup Tool For Windows

1. Advik Zoho Backup Tool

best zoho mail backup tool

This wizard is a powerful and fast way to download and backup Zoho Mail emails without any hassle. Many other features are included within the application for easy backup and archiving of Zoho Mail. In addition, it can also retain attached files during the backup or migration process.

2. Systools Zoho Backup

best zoho mail backup tool

This Zoho backup tool allows storing every piece of essential information available in the account. The software proves to be a complete all-in-one Zoho Mail converter software that allows Zoho Mail to be converted into multiple file formats by following a few quick steps.

3. RT Zoho Mail Backup wizard

This wizard allows users to download or save their emails in multiple file formats simultaneously. It will generate an archive file of each folder item in the chosen file format. In addition, the original state of the email is maintained by the tool when creating an account backup.

4. Turgs Zoho Mail Backup

This tool allows all goods and information available in Zoho accounts to be stored on the computer. The software is capable of downloading Zoho email, Zoho email attachments, Zoho documents, Zoho mail data, and Zoho mailboxes folders such as Inbox, Draft, Outbox, Sent, Trash, Spam, etc.

5. Zook Zoho Mail Backup

The software is a simple solution to backup Zoho mail to a local PC or webmail account. Users can store Zoho mail backup efficiently without any hassle. Apart from this, it offers you to backup many Zoho mail accounts without any hassle.

Final Words

So these are the top 5 best Zoho mail backup tool available in matchet so far. The wizards on the list are undeniably one of the best software out there. Portability is a feature that sets them apart from others. Select one of them as per your requirements and backup your data without any extra effort.

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