Top 5 Best MBOX to EML Converter For Windows – 2021

This article will show you the top 5 best MBOX to EML converter in 2021. We all know, MBOX is a well supported file format by many email clients but still, users face many obstacles when using MBOX file than any other format, such as EML format.

Some of the main reasons for MBOX to EML conversion are that MBOX does not have better compatibility with email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc. While the EML file format is compatible with both. In addition, the user can view the EML file using a text editor, such as MS Notepad or any other, while the MBOX file cannot open in browsers and text editors.

So, if you are one of those users who are looking for a solution to export MBOX file to EML file format. Then read this article and get a solution for your important query. After the completion of the article, you will be able to convert your important data using one of the best MBOX to EML converter.

List of Top 5 Best MBOX to EML Converter For Windows

1. Advik MBOX to EML Converter

This wizard is a powerful and best utility for converting many MBOX files into EML files. The user can easily export MBOX in bulk, along with attachments. In addition, it is able to hold and maintain the mailbox folder and subfolder hierarchy in its original format.

best mbox to eml converter

Key Features

  • The user can perform a batch conversion in a single attempt.
  • It can be used as E-mail forensic investigation techniques.
  • There will be no modification or omission of information.
  • It also offers a variety of naming conventions.

2. Systools MBOX Converter

Using this software, users can easily convert select emails from MBOX file and export them in EML file format. The equipment always ensures that no attachments are contaminated or lost during the extraction process.

best mbox to eml converter

Key Features

  • No attachments are corrupted or lost during the extraction process.
  • It is capable of supporting all the latest Windows OS versions.
  • It can modify one or several profiles / identities at once.

3. Bitrecover MBOX Converter Wizard

With this wizard, the user can easily convert MBOX email to EML file format in bulk with attached. All email properties of MBOX documents are kept clean during MBOX conversion. Furthermore, it provides better and user-oriented functions by allowing users to selectively migrate MBOX file.

4. RT MBOX to EML Converter

This wizard will enable users to efficiently extract MBOX email to EML format. The software provides several file naming options to manage all resulting EML files. In addition, the software will maintain all email properties after the entire process.

5. Zook MBOX to EML Converter

It is an independent utility that easily performs MBOX to EML conversion without the installation of additional equipment. Has a simple and user-friendly interface that provides a direct option to convert MBOX email to EML format.


In today’s written-up, we provided the safest way to convert MBOX files to EML format. These Wizards of the list are undeniably one of the best MBOX to EML converter. In addition, the user interface of these 5 devices will not disappoint.

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