Top 7 Best EML to MBOX Converter For Windows – 2021

Have you ever come across a situation where you need to choose the best EML to MBOX converter software? If yes, then go through this article to know about the top 7 best EML to MBOX converter tools that you can use in many circumstance.

As we know, MBOX file is supported by various email clients and it can store many more information as compared to EML. The MBOX file can store contacts and journals while the EML file does not contain contacts and journals. In addition, EML can be opened by any text editor that can be accessed by any user. Therefore, users prefer to use MBOX which is a secure file format with many advance options.

There are many more reasons, but these reasons are enough to understand that you need an EML for MBOX converter service and strategy that is superior to other manual methods. Also, the tools mentioned below are unlike any other for converting EML to MBOX, so find out what is special about them.

List of Top 7 Best EML to MBOX Converter

1. Advik EML to MBOX Converter

This wizard is the best comprehensive tool that allows users to selectively convert files. It has a simple and graphical interface, which provides easy access even for beginners without the help of a technical expert. In addition, the software is 100% virus or malware free and always gives an accurate result.

best eml to mbox converter

Key Features

  • It is based on Windows and works on almost all Windows OS.
  • It has a batch file conversion function for ease of user.
  • Supports conversion of all types and sizes of objects.
  • The software provides a free preview of all emails.

2. Systools EML to MBOX Converter

This wizard comes with the ability to scan the entire computer automatically and load them onto the computer. The software has a date based filter that is based on the dates when the emails were originally sent, not the received date. Furthermore, it is a completely secure application with no risk of data loss or corruption.

best eml to mbox converter

Key Features

  • The software can convert large amounts of EML email files at the same time.
  • Provide multiple viewing methods for previewing data from EML files.
  • Automatically scan and load all files with .eml extension.

3. Bitrecover EML Converter Wizard

The software is an enthusiastic utility that keeps complete information of the EML file during the EML file conversion process. The product is simple and easy to use with great features. In addition, it can quickly transfers batches of .eml messages or EML folders.

4. Zook EML to MBOX Converter

This tool is a direct solution for users by which they can convert EML files to MBOX format at once. It allows the user to save their resulting MBOX format to the desired file location in the system. Also, it allows to move EML files without platform dependency.

5. Recoverytools EML Converter

This tool has an interactive interface, so it can be easily used by any user. All controls in this software are easy to understand for non-technical users. This enables you to convert large EML files to MBOX file formats with attachments.

6. Mailsware EML to MBOX Toolkit

This wizard helps users to easily swift or transfer multiple EML files simultaneously in a batch. With the help of this software, one can transfer EML file data completely in MBOX format and therefore get all the attachments attached to it in the original formatting.

7. Birdie EML to MBOX Converter

This utility has the option of batch EML file conversion that allows converting multiple EML files in a bundle. It also enables the user to transfer from EML to MBOX format and to import any MBOX based e-mail client.


In today’s blog-post, we provided the safest way to convert EML files to MBOX format. These Wizards of the list are undeniably one of the best EML to MBOX converter. In addition, the user interface of these 7 devices will not disappoint.

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