Top 5 Best AOL Mail Backup Tool For Windows – 2021

Today’s Viskytech post is on the topic “Best AOL Mail Backup Tool”. While there are no drawbacks to AOL mail backup tools, it is important to choose the right tool to get the desired results. So, from the below segment, one can get all the details explanation about the best AOL mail backup tool in 2021.

Backing up your AOL email is a prudent decision as it not only helps to keep your data secure, but also helps you access your data offline. However, many people never focus on AOL email backup until their precious data in the AOL account disappears or corrupted.

List of Best AOL Mail Backup Tool in 2021

1. Advik AOL Backup Tool

best aol mail backup tool

Advik AOL Backup is one of the brilliantly designed utility as per users vote. This software provides so much functionality that can be beneficial for users. In addition, it ensures that there is no email modification or omission of any information or attachments during the backup process.

2. SysTools AOL Mail Backup

best aol mail backup tool

The second best utility for downloading and saving AOL e-mail to Windows systems is SysTools AOL Mail Backup Tool. It downloads e-mail data and its attached attachments from a single to several AOL mail user accounts in multiple file formats to the local system. This option enhances the backup experience of AOL Mail.

3. Mail Backup Tool

This wizard provides a variety of options to save targeted account emails on the local machine. The best thing when using this application is that it provides an option to migrate AOL email directly to multiple IMAP accounts.

4. ZOOK AOL Backup Software

The software offers several saving options that allow users to save AOL backups in multiple file formats. In addition, the tool has an advanced filter that provides several options for selecting folders as well as the desired email by installing filters.

5. Bitrecover AOL Backup Wizard

This wizard is specially designed to backup AOL email messages from unlimited email accounts one by one which is helpful in downloading AOL backup without facing any hassle. Additionally, all metadata attributes such as To, CC, BCC, signatures are also backed up.

Final Words

So these are the top 5 best AOL mail backup tool available in the market so far. The wizards on the list are undeniably one of the best software out there. So, one can select the above mentioned AOL backup tool to get a successful result.

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