How to Migrate Emails From GMX to Gmail Manually?

Today’s Viskytech article “How to Migrate Emails from GMX to Gmail Manually?” The subject will be highlighted. The blog will provide you with a manual as well as a direct way to migrate to Gmail account. So, if you are looking for the best way to migrate GMX to Gmail manually then read the complete guide. is a reliable email service provider based in Germany. Users can register up to 10 GMX email addresses, with each email address offering up to 65 GB of storage space. In addition, it offers many free services such as news, videos, articles and webmail applications with unlimited storage and attachments.

On the other hand, a Gmail account provides comprehensive services beyond just an email service, and gives you more control over other Internet activities. It offers chat conversations, Google Drive, Google Plus profiles and many more things to connect users around the community.

Manual Method

Steps to Migrate Emails From GMX to Gmail Manually

  • Login to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon at the top right corner.
  • Click on the Settings menu.
  • Click “Import Mail and Contacts”. If you have already done so, click “Import from another address”.
  • “Which account do you want to import from?” Enter your GMX email address under.
  • Enter your GMX mail password under “Enter Password” and click “Continue”.
  • Ensure that Import Contacts and Import Email are selected.
  • Any message received in the GMX account for one month is automatically copied to the Gmail account. Check “Import new mail for next 30 days”.
  • Alternatively, select “Add label to all imported mail”
  • Click “Start Import”
  • Click OK”.

The above manual method is very long and complex. The worst part of GMX to Gmail Manually process is that it does not import all mailbox data from GMX mail to Gmail. Also, following such steps usually results in loss of data if anything goes wrong. Therefore, I would like to share an alternative method.

Professional Method

Use Advik Email Backup Wizard and migrate emails from GMX to Gmail in a hassle-free way. This software is loaded with dozens of useful functions. If you want to migrate only specific emails, apply filters using subject names, date ranges, cc and bcc. This will only result in getting the desired email backup. Also, the user can easily run the program in older as well as latest version of Windows.

Steps to Export GMX Mail to Gmail Account

Step 1. Launch Advik Email Migration Tool in your System.

Step 2. Enter Your GMX login credentials and click “Next”

Step 3. Select mailbox folder and click “Next”

Step 4. Select Gmail as Saving option from the list.

Step 5. Enter your Gmail login credentials ad click convert.

Why Choose This Software?

  • It can download cloud email to a hard drive with an attachment.
  • Maintain on-disk mailbox folder and sub-folder hierarchies.
  • It can backup unlimited accounts without any size limit.
  • Easily export all email addresses to Excel spreadsheets.


In the above written, I have given two ways to migrate email from to Gmail. Migrating GMX to Gmail manually is not easy. This requires a lot of configuration. Thus, when it comes to GMX in Gmail, using a professional software is the best way to get rid of this query. Therefore, this software is the ultimate solution to migrate email from GMX to Gmail.

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