How to Migrate Emails From Gmail to GMX Mail?

Are you seeking to know “how to Migrate Emails from Gmail to GMX Mail?” If so, here in this blog you will find your solution to migrate emails from Gmail to correctly. This blog describes a simple and easy process to download Gmail Emails to GMX mail. is a reliable email service provider based in Germany, and is the best alternative to Gmail. Users can register up to 10 GMX email addresses, with each email address offered up to 65 GB of storage space. GMX users also get to enjoy a free online calendar, advanced antivirus, effective spam filters, mobile access and the ability to display emails from different accounts in one place.

Why do users feel the need to Migrate Emails from Gmail to GMX Mail? There can be several reasons for this query. It can be the interface of and GMX Mail, which features rich-text formatting.

In addition, the user gets unlimited inbox storage and also supports large file attachments (up to 50 MB). All emails are scanned for viruses, and a learning spam filter keeps GMX mail inboxes clean of malware.

Professional Way to Migrate Emails from Gmail to GMX Mail

Advik Gmail backup software is a reliable and simplest solution to import Gmail Emails to GMX mail. This tool is loaded with many useful features that can migrate Gmail to Quick. The tool has a simple and interactive interface that allows you to make safe and secure migration successful.

Steps to Migrate Emails from Gmail to;

Step 1. Launch Advik Gmail Backup Software and enter your Gmail login Credentials.

gmail to gmx mail

Step 2. Select folders that you want to migrate to the GMX account.

migrate emails from gmail to gmx mail

Step 3. Select IMAP from saving options.

import gmail mbox to gmx mail

Step 4. Fill your GMX login credentials and other details should be filled as shown below;

IMAP Host:

IMAP Port No.: 993

And click “Convert” button

gmail to gmx mail

With these 4 simple steps, the user can easily import Gmail Emails to GMX within a short span of time.


If you are planning to move from Gmail to GMX then the above software is the best option for you. This is the best solution to migrate emails from Gmail to GMX mail. This wizard has faster execution, wider functionality, error-free conversion rates and a more seamless overall experience.

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