How to Repair MySQL Database Manually?

This Viskytech blog explains how to to repair MySQL database manually. How does MySQL database get corrupted? In addition, the article will also explain all possible causes of MySQL database corruption. Corrupted MySQL databases are files that suddenly become unusable and cannot be opened with Microsoft MySQL.

There are many reasons for database corruption. The most common cause of database corruption is sudden server shutdown. In addition, disk subsystems, disk controllers, communication channels, drivers, firmware or other hardware faults etc. also corrupt the database.

We will talk about two ways to repair MySQL database manually. The first is a manual process and the second is a professional approach. Read the full article to understand the subject more clearly.

Method 1. Manual Method

Step 1. Backing up your MySQL database

  • Log in to MySQL server using SSH.
  • Now on the command-line interface, enter a command (mysql -u (username) -p).
  • Enter your password.
  • Now enter another command (use (databasename);).
  • Enter the command (show tables;).

Note: Remove the bracket before writing “Username” and “Databasename”.

Step 2. MySQL built-in crash recovery

Command: (Myisamchk [options] table_name)

  • Shut down the MySQL server using the appropriate command for your operating system.
  • Specify the path to the database directory where the tables are stored.
  • To check individual tables in the database, type the following command. (myisamchk TABLE).

The above manual methods are very lengthy and complicated. Followed with hundreds of command lines may lead your MySQL database corruption.

The worst part of the repair MySQL Database manually solution is that you can only repair one file at a time. You have to follow the same commands and steps each and every time for complete recovery.

Thus, In order to repair MySQL database I would like to suggest an alternate approach that won’t require any manual tricks.

Method 2. Using Professional Approach

Use Systools SQL Recovery and repair corrupt MDF and NDF SQL Server database files. The software is smart enough to auto detect the SQL Server version of the MDF or NDF file. In addition, it has the ability to recover deleted records from database tables without losing a single bit of data.

repair mysql database manually

Why Choose this Software?

  • This SQL recovery software will recover deleted SQL Server database table data.
  • Provide the desired item selection to save the file with the scheme and the data.
  • It gets the SQL Server name when exporting it to a SQL Server database.
  • It provides quick and advanced scans to repair SQL databases.


In the above written-up, I have given two ways to repair MySQL Database. It is not simple to repair MySQL database manually. This requires a lot of configuration. Thus, when it comes to repairing MySQL, using a professional software is the best way to get rid of this query. Therefore, this software is the ultimate solution that repairs MySQL database.

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