Top 3 Best IMAP Migration Tool For Windows [2020]

In the following blog, we will compare features and provide a list of the top 3 best IMAP migration tool for Windows. These top rated wizards provide the user with an easy email computation. Therefore, read on to find out the embryos, functionality and advantages of the software given in the list.

There are many situations where you want to migrate your IMAP account to another server with a full mailbox folder. Performing such IMAP synchronization with an email client is time consuming and can be error-prone. Furthermore, this process is not feasible for non-technical users, you should use a third-party tool that allows you to migrate IMAP.

We evaluated these best IMAP Migration tool based on their relative features and functionality, our technical expert tested all the tools and found them 100% safe and secure to use.

List of Top 3 Best IMAP Migration Tool

1. Advik IMAP Migration Tool

best imap migration tool

First on the list is Advik Wizard. It is an enterprise-grade migration software, which is recommended to migrate an IMAP account. The program has a consistent interface that maintains all email formats during the migration process. The software is easy to use even for the first time user.

2. Systools IMAP Migration

best imap migration tool

This tool is specifically designed to transfer email between IMAP server/IMAP configured email accounts. This works wonders when it comes to transferring emails from one IMAP server to another. In addition, the tool also enables users to move different types of attachments when you move IMAP to IMAP server.

3. Systools IMAP to Office 365 Migrator

This migration tool allows users to move mailboxes from any IMAP server to Office 365. It also gives users the option to add a CSV file with all login details of the source and destination. In addition, the software is designed with a high-tech algorithm that provides users with the option to export IMAP mail to Office 365 in advance.


In the above post, we discussed the list of Top 3 Best IMAP Migration Tool in 2020. These wizards are the best in all aspects, be it conversion, data integrity maintenance, user friendly interface, safe and secure migration, 24/7 customer support and many more. Hopefully, the list included in this post will help you choose a suitable tool to fulfill your data migration requirement.

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