How to Transfer Emails From AOL Mail to Gmail Manually?

Today’s blog will reveal to you the ideal solution of the best way to Transfer Emails from AOL Mail to Gmail. There is a wide range of public who want to switch from their existing email client to Google Mail service. One such requirement is to export AOL emails to Gmail.

Gmail is one of the favourite email services of the users which gives them the freedom to work as they wish. Google Mail gives you emails everywhere, no data security issues and no extra time to manage mailboxes. This is one of the reasons why users Transfer Emails from AOL Mail to Gmail account.

We will talk about two ways to transfer emails from AOL Mail to Gmail. The first is a manual process and the second is a professional approach. Read the complete article to understand the topic more clearly.

Steps to Transfer Emails from AOL Mail to Gmail Manually;

Step 1. First, log into your Gmail account and click on the Settings gear in the top left corner.

Step 2. Now, choose the Settings option from the menu that appears on that screen.

Step 3. Choose the Account and Import tab to continue.

Step 4. After that, choose the Import Email and Contact option. If you imported mail, select Import from another address. Then the Import dialogue box will open.

Step 5. Add your AOL email address.

Step 6. Then click on continue to proceed..

Step 7. Now, add your AOL email password and click continue.

Step 8. Click on start import and after completion click on the OK button.

The above manual process takes a lot of time. If you have a large number of data, there may be a problem with the manual process. In addition, users with basic or no technical proficiency have not been able to successfully Export AOL Emails to Gmail.

Professional Method

Advik AOL Backup tool is the best wizard in the field to transfer Emails from AOL Mail to Gmail account. This application provides an easy way to Migrate from AOL Mail to Gmail without any high technical requirements. In addition, it always keeps the meta property as well as the folder structure in its original form.

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Steps to Migrate from AOL Mail to Gmail;

Step 1. Launch Advik AOL backup tool in your system.

transfer emails from aol mail to gmail

Step 2. Enter AOL login credentials and click “Next”

export aol emails to gmail

Step 3. Select the desired mailbox folder and click “Next”.

export aol mails to gmail

Step 4. Select “Gmail” as a saving option from the list.

aol mail to gmail

Step 5. Enter Gmail login credentials and click Convert.

migrate from aol mail to gmail

Download The Best AOL Backup Tool and Get Below Benefits

  • Complete Mailbox Migration
  • Maintain Meta Properties
  • Preserve Key Elements
  • Selective Migration
  • Support Windows OS
  • Cloud Migration

Final Words

As you saw we offer two different approaches to Transfer Emails from AOL Mail to Gmail. The manual methods provided take longer than the professional method and therefore will not conform to the need for larger conversions. According to our retention, third-party software is more effective for this query, due to faster execution, wider functionality, error-free conversion rates, and a more seamless overall experience.

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