How to Migrate from Zoho to Office 365 Directly? – Solved

Looking for direct approach to migrate Zoho mail to Office 365? Congrats! you had landed on the right place. Today I we will be discussing the easiest way to export emails from Zoho to Office 365. So, read this blog till the end in order to process with safe email migration.

Zoho Mail has completely changed the mode consumers interact with businesses. In such a little time period it has assured multiple users to get attached through Zoho email application. But when Zoho mail users search for any business utility that can engage with the digital arena then the user feels the necessity to move Zoho to Office 365 which is a better option.

Office 365 gives entire business unity to the account holder to manages and create at the various platforms. To convert Zoho mail to Outlook 365 would assist you to acquire entire crucial data of your email account to Microsoft Office 365 account.

In this blog, we would be covering the points that will assist you in “How to Export Emails from Zoho to Office 365 account”. Although this method includes one instant solution to migrate Zoho emails to O365. Tracking any type of data and managing the data items on cloud make the procedures much more essential and advantageous. Therefore the need to switch from Zoho mail to Office 365 becomes crucial in the business sector.

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Why It is Important to Export Zoho Emails to Office 365?

Zoho existence a newer product in market has no origin to realize the needs of customers. Because of the constricted features in Zoho applications, users need to migrate to Office 365. Switching only the platform is not important but acquiring the complete data items like emails, tasks, events, docs files so on. are equally essential. Zoho to Office 365 migration assists you to acquire complete data items from Zoho to O365. Many of the users attempt to copy Zoho files to Office 365 but it doesn’t work. In short, few of the major reasons, why user need to upload Zoho Mail to Office 365 are:

  • Trouble in Tackling Huge Files: With the increasing emails and other data items in the Zoho system the processing of the account becomes slow. One the other hand the internal structure of Office 365 is so advance that they can suit a hug file format with n number of attachments.
  • The Zoho Book Issues: Zoho Books are used for resolve business accounting challenges, its specific features like GST calculation has attracted most of the clients but if this program doesn’t acquire incorporate with mail then its of no use. Office 365 gives the integration of its application with all its entities.
  • Zoho Poor Data Management: The event organizing and contact management is also not good sufficient. The data of the calendar never acquire attach or sync with emails to check the schedule. Office 365 gives all these features in Outlook. So, it becomes a very crucial factor to migrate Zoho to Office 365 account.

Reliable Solution for Zoho to Office 365 Migration

To move Zoho mail to Office 365 there is no effective manual method. Via Import / Export feature of Zoho users can convert the data into EML file format and further, it is a sophisticated task to export the data from EML to PST file format. However, Advik Zoho backup tool is one of the safe secure and effective programs. Which is able to export Zoho emails to Office 365 directly from the utility. No manual tricks are required anymore.

Steps to Migrate Emails from Zoho to Office 365;

Step 1. Run Advik Zoho Mail Backup tool and sign in.

Step 2. Choose mailbox folders to export.

Step 3. Select Office 365 as saving option.

Step 4. Enter Office 365 login credentials.

Step 5. Apply email filters and click Backup.

Finished! This is how you can transfer Zoho Mail folder to Office 365 directly.

What Makes Different to Advik Zoho to Office Online Migration Wizard?

  • Export emails to PDF, PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, .etc file formats
  • Allows to take Zoho Small business email backup to the PC
  • Does not save Zoho Mail credentials anywhere within its database
  • This application has ability to Keep Folder Hierarchy
  • With the help of this utility users can download Emails with Attachments
  • Migrate Zoho emails to Gmail,, G Suite, Yahoo, etc.
  • The utility ability to take backup of more than 80+ Email application


Zoho Mail has entirely changed the mode consumers interact with businesses. Within a short period of time, it has convinced multiple users to get attached to Zoho email application. But when you search for any business software to acquire engage with the digital arena then they feel the need to migrate emails from Zoho to Office 365. So, the article has provided the solution for it. As there is no free solution to migrate Zoho mail to Office 365, so users should opt the above mentioned.


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