How to Import PST to Office 365 Manually? – Complete Guide

Do you want to import PST to Office 365 manually? In this blog, We will show you step by step how you can transfer emails from PST to Office 365 in a short time.

Before proceeding, you need to know what PST file and Office 365 are …

PST File was designed and developed by Microsoft for Outlook Application. Multiple emails, attachments, tasks, journals, events, contacts, calendars and other personal information of the user can be stored in the PST file. On the other hand, Office 365 is an application package that is provided as a subscription service for both business and home users. Some of the most popular applications in Office 365 are Outlook Web Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, One Note, etc.

In this article, we’ll show you two different approaches to import PST into an Office 365 account. You may need technical expertise to import PST to Office 365 manually. This method can take a lot of time and effort. The second method is one of the easiest ways to import emails from a PST file to Office 365 account. So, let’s get started.

Method 1- Using Office 365 Import Services

Steps to Import PST to Office 365 Manually

Step 1: Go to File tab > Open > Import.

Step 2: In the Import and Export Wizard, click Import from another program or file, and then click Next.

Step 3: Click Outlook Data File (.pst), and then click Next.

Step 4: Set the options for importing items. The default settings usually don’t need to be changed.

Step 5: Click Finish.

This is how you can manually import PST to office 365 manually. This method is suitable only if the size of PST file is small.

Method 2 – The Simple Way

For this method you need to download and install Xtraxtor. This software is one of the most advanced tools that allows users to directly import PST to Office 365 in one go. You can download this software for free by clicking on a button below

Steps to Import PST to Office 365 are as follows;

Step 1. Run Xtraxtor in your system.

pst to office 365 wizard

Step 2. Click Open Outlook Data file to add PST file.

import pst to office 365 manually

Step 3. Click Export and choose Office 365 from menu.

pst to office 365 wizard

Step 4. Enter your Office 365 credentials and click Save.

import pst to office 365 manually

This is how you can easily Import PST emails to Office 365 account within a short frame of time.

Why Choose this software?

There are many features available on PST to Office 365 Wizard. Some of them are as follows;

Import Complete data: Using this wizard user can import complete mailboxes from PST file such as Inbox, Sent Mails, Drafts, Trash, and any other folders available on PST file.

Include Attachment Files: This tool allows users to include attachment files in their respective emails. So that you can easily access all your attached data in Office 365 account.

Cloud to Cloud Migration: Apart from PST to Office 365, user can easily import PST file to Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, and any other email service that uses IMAP Protocol.

No File Size Limitation: There is no file size limit imposed on the tool to Import PST to Office 365 account. You can upload unlimited number of files for unlimited number of times.

Supports Windows OS: You can install this software on almost all version of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Apart from this, you can run this wizard on both 32-bits as well as 64 bits of computer.


Final Words

As you saw we provide two different approaches to Import PST to Office 365 Manually and using a simple technique. You can choose any method that suits your need. As per my opinion, the second method requires less time and efforts


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