Top 3 Best SQL Decryptor Tool in 2020 (For Windows)

In the following article we will compare features and provide 3 best SQL decryptor tool for Windows. If you encrypted the definition of the object in your database by specifying it with an encryption option, and for some reason you cannot restore it to the original T-SQL entity, the SQL decryptor will easily do it for you.

For decrypting a SQL Server database item, the SQL decryptor tool is the best option because it is an instant SQL decryptor tool. The user can decrypt all SQL Server database object stored procedures, triggers, functions, views, etc. in a very short time. Therefore, save your time and money on restoring lost definitions and be happy with one of these best wizards.

So, to overcome these situations, I am going to provide a list of the top 3 best SQL decryptor tool for Windows that will help you decrypt encrypted objects in SQL Server, Decrypt encrypted stored procedures SQL Server, triggers, functions, etc. without making changes to the stored data.

List of Top 3 Best SQL Decryptor Tool for Windows

1. Systools SQL Decryptor

This software is rated as the best SQL decryptor that can perform decryption on any encrypted database. It is 100% robust software to successfully decrypt all SQL script objects successfully. This database decryptor program allows users to export encrypted SQL Server databases with or without encryption. This means, by selecting without encryption, you can decrypt the database before exporting. With the encryption option will allow the database to be exported to a new database that will hold the encryption.

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  • It has two different options for database export i.e. SQL Server and compatible scripts.
  • The user can check or uncheck items for select export and save only the checked data.
  • The user can quickly and easily remove encryption from your SQL database.
  • Supports dual login mode i.e. Windows and SQL Server authentication.
  • Software support SQL Server 2019 and 2017 with previous versions.

2. SysInfotools SQL Decryptor Tool

The software decrypts the SQL Server database in encrypted as well as decrypted form based on the user’s choice. It breaks encryption of stored procedures, triggers, functions and views and saves them in decrypted format. Furthermore, after the decryption process is completed the user can easily preview the content without any encryption.

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  • This software does not require DAC (Dedicated Administration Connection) to run the software.
  • It has the option to export the database to an existing database or a new server.
  • There are two modes of login i.e. Windows and SQL Server Authentication.
  • It is compatible with SQL 2019 and all its earlier versions.

3. Devart SQL Decryptor Software

This software helps decrypt encrypted database objects such as views, stored procedures, and other database objects. The software provides you two authentication modes for decryption i.e. Windows Authentication Mode and SQL Server Authentication Mode. The software allows you to decrypt a SQL Server database object in a live SQL Server environment.


  • The software allows you to preview all decrypted objects and then export them to direct SQL Server database.
  • User simply needs to provide a server description and database name to decrypt the SQL database object.
  • This allows you to save encrypted objects using encryption or without encryption.
  • The interface is delivered in 3 stages, namely Connect, Preview and Export.
  • The software supports SQL Server 2019, 2012, 2008 and below.

Final Words

Finding an efficient and best SQL decryptor tool is unusual and surprising but not impossible. Hopefully, the list included in this post will help you choose a suitable tool to meet your needs. Select one of them according to your needs.

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